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******The Crue******
I moved to Arizona from Key West, Florida in April of 2000
to join this band.
We started out as "Shout At The Devil"
with Eddie, Jonny, Tim & I in a rehearsal studio in west Phoenix.
Took our time and got the show and songs tight, then hit the road. Played numerous gigs with great sucess.
Tim and Jonny went thier seperate ways,
while Eddie & I recruted Billie Foxxx and Tracii Michaels.
Click here for Eddie's story.


Aug. 26 2001 was my first time to play at
"The Whisky A GoGo" on Sunset Blvd, in Hollywood, California!
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"Live at The Whisky!"
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The Official "CRUE" Bikini Contest in El Paso!!!

"Spiders & Snakes"
Recyling Commercial!
Featuring Billie Foxxx & Lizzie Grey!

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