Review by GuitarMike ~aka~ Mick from "The Crue"

Crue Fest 2001 at the Whisky a GoGo in Hollywood, California.

Whisky photo
Click for marquee close-up

What a blast this show was. It was my first time at the world~famous Whisky, a place I've heard about all my rock & roll life. Just about every musical influence of mine has graced this stage at one time or another, from Led Zeppelin,
Van Halen, Ratt and Motley Crue,
to bands like Kansas and Racer X (both of which have new albums and live videos entitled "Live at the Whisky").

Mike & Billie Live
Billie & I shredding the Whisky!

It was a long weekend for us. We drove to L.A. thursday night (Eddie {Nikki} and Rob in their truck, Will & I in mine). For those of you that don't know, our band's homebase is split between Phoenix & Hollywood. We hooked up at Traci's house in L.A. at about 3:00am, layed down for what seemed like a few minutes, then left early friday morning, headed to Sacramento for our gig at "The Roadhouse" that night.
It became an interesting evening, to say the least,
but that's another story!
Saturday morning arrived way too soon, and we checked out of our hotels drove the 7 hours back to L.A. and straight to our studio to jam and work on originals for a few hours. We were all exhausted, so Will (my guitar tech) and I went riding around and found a cheap hotel on Sunset (oxymoron? perhaps!) and crashed.
We arrived at the Whisky sunday morning about 10:00am for the massive soundcheck. It was very organized thanks to the great CF2001 staff. Got to meet all the bands and saw some old friends. We signed the raffle guitar and watched the other bands soundchecks, very impressive.
We hung out at Billie's place all day after that, watching videos and partying, getting ready for the show. Went down to the Rainbow and hung out before our timeslot on the gig.

Mick @ the Whisky
Rocking with Traci!

The show went GREAT!!! We had the longest time slot of the night at 90 minutes, played all of our favorite Motley Crue songs, and had more fun than any gig yet. We hung out there after the show for awhile, got to help celebrate a new friend's birthday (thanks Kim!), then went back to the Rainbow for a few drinks. Traci found us a party to go to (sunday night in Hollywood, who would have guessed!). We wound up all piling into Billie's place about 5:00 am, and crashed for few hours, then back to the Whisky at 10:00am to load out our equipment. Will & I got back to Phoenix around 7:00pm with 1,600 new miles on my odometer, and some great memories.
I'd like to thank all the organizers of this event for their hard work. A show of this caliber is not an overnight adventure. These guys have been working on this for a long time.
Hats off to Tom "Inkslinger" Morgan, Jeffery "TheaterKid" Duer, Michael Cedergren, the Sponsors and everyone else involved for making this one of my most memorable weekends ever.
Special thanks to JC for helping with my on stage gear, and Tom for the photos. For more pictures go to
Tom's Cruefest Album and Rich Gardner's Cruefest Album.

Tom "The Inkslinger" & Billie in front of the Whisky

Eddie "6" Rules the Whisky!